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Create A Wapsite


What is wapsite? Wapsite just like website. But especially for mobile user. Because of its view, “mobile friendly”. Ex: waptrick.com, sefan.ru and etc. These are the sites that provide the features to create your wapsite. Check them out!

1. xtgem.com
It’s easy to create and manage your wapsite here. They will also pay you for placing ads on your website if it’s clicked. The minimum payout is $50 via paypal. You can also park a domain to your wapsite with changing the nameserver of your domain to ns01.xtgem.com and ns02.xtgem.com.

2. wen.ru
You can create your wapsite easily here. You can also create your wapsite “offline” or without connecting to the internet using their application (wExplorer).

3. wapka.mobi
Many features, like system user and etc. But, this site only provides 200 mb on disk space.

I think that’s all (tired of writing haha). Ok, I just share what I’ve got and use, except wapka.mobi hehe. Try those!

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